We're music lovers, simple as...


If we're not writing music, we're consuming it, critiquing it or annoyingly extolling the virtues of it. (Did someone mention 80s Electronica?)

Our love of music has allowed projects such as, big budget 'shiny floor' light entertainment shows & comedy incidentals, to bespoke songs, 'ear worm' jingles and sonic branding to fill our portfolio.

Not to mention the odd remix, which allows Nik to dust off the SL1200s!

In an over-communicated world, brands are using all the senses to communicate more effectively to consumers. 


The knock on effect being a vast increase in their use of sound.

Which is great! We love sound (It goes hand in hand with music right?)


And we'll always evangelise the use of audio across a brand, it's what helps shape that all important sonic identity to cut through the clutter.

We believe it's "what's coming out of the speakers?" which matters.


Whether it's distributed through terrestrial analogue, online, mobile, Smart speaker, digital or social networks, producing engaging content is the key.  


We have a proven track record in audio content creation and radio production, with a former Virgin Radio & Capital FM Programme Director, A ex BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show Producer and a renowned radio consultant in our stable. 

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