From big budget 'shiny floor' light entertainment shows, comedy incidentals, to bespoke songs and 'ear worm' jingles...

Dan McGrath has co-written some of the most well known and memorable TV themes of the last decade with long time collaborator Josh Phillips.


The Bounce team write production music, sonic branding, advertising jingles and remix tracks.

In an over-communicated world, brands are now using all the senses to try and communicate more effectively to consumers.


This means a vast increase in their use of sound.

We love sound and will always evangelise the use of audio across a brand, helping to shape that all important sonic identity to cut through the clutter.

We believe what's important is "what's coming out of the speakers?" Whether it's distributed through terrestrial analogue, online, mobile, digital or social networks, producing engaging content is the key.  


Nik Goodman is a former Programme Director of Virgin Radio and 95.8 Capital FM in London, and has created production strategies & developed programme formats for some of the world's biggest radio stations & brands.

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